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NAKIVO is a US corporation founded in 2012

Develops data protection software for VMware, Hyper-V, AWS EC2

Top customers protect 3,000+ VMs, span across 200+ locations

Fast-growing: ~100% YoY revenue and customer growth

Over 10,000 users Across EMEA, Americas, Asia

Over 2,000 channel partners in 124 countries

Covering VMWARE, MICROSOFT AMAZON web services QNAR, ASUSTOR, Synology

Deploy Fast. Scale Out Faster


Deployment and maintenance take up time that could be spent better


Deploy on what you want to manage Windows, Linux, VMware VA, AWS AMI

1 click to install on Windows, 1 command to install on Linux, import VA, launch AMI

Scale out vertically by adding computing resources to the product

Scale out horizontally by distributing product components

Windows Red hat UBUNTU SUSE AMI

Install on NAS. Create a Backup Appliance


IInstall NAKIVO on Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR, or Western Digital NAST incidents can make backups unavailable, backup performance not optimal

Offload VMware or Hyper-V infrastructure to low cost, high performance NAS

Up to 2X faster on NAS vs. VM-based data protection solution

All-in-one, dedicated backup hardware/storage/software/deduplication

Data must be protected and recoverable if need beProtect VMware, Hyper-V, AWS EC2

Application-consistent backup/replication for VMware, Hyper-V (incl. failover clusters), AWS EC2

Up to 1,000 backup recovery points, rotated using GFS retention policy

Advanced features ensure reliability, reduce backup size, shrink backup window, increase recovery speed

Protect Backups. Copy Anywhere

VM backups can be damaged, accidentally deleted, become unavailable

Copy all backups or fine tune what, when, and how backups get copiedSchedule backup copies, send backups offsite and to Amazon/Azure clouds

Truncate Transaction Logs. Prevent Crash

Exchange and SQL log files grow and can consume all free space, crashing the server

NAKIVO Backup & Replication can determine which log files were committed to the database

After a successful backup/replication, Exchange and SQL log files can be automatically deleted to free up space

Verify Backups. Instantly. Automagically

The fact that you have a backup does not mean you can recover

Verification can be performed automatically after each job

Perform automated, near-instant test recovery of all VM backups

Get reports via email with screenshots of test-recovered VMs

Transfer Data Fast. Shrink Backup Window

Backup is slow and takes too long to complete

Forever-incremental backup/replication (no periodic full backups), changes are identified instantly with VMware CBT & Hyper-V RCT

LAN-free data transfer (Hot Add and Direct SAN Access) boosts VM backup and replication speed, reduces the load on your network

2X faster backup/replication/recovery with network acceleration

Skip Unnecessary Data. No More SWAP

Swap files and partitions contain temporary RAM data

4 GB swap x 10 VMs x 30 days = 1.2 TB of unnecessary data

NAKIVO Backup & Replication automatically skips swap data

Backups and replicas are smaller and jobs run faster

Duduk & Compress Backups. Save Space

Your data grows, so do your backups

Deduplication works across entire backup repository without a separate HW solution

Duplicate data blocks are skipped, reducing the backup size

Unique data blocks are compressed to make backups even smaller

Encrypt Backups. In flight & At Rest

Sensitive data may be intercepted/accessed by a hacker

NAKIVO Backup & Replication uses industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption

Backups can be encrypted before the first bit leaves your organization

When backups arrive to the destination, they can be encrypted as well

Boot VMs from Backup. Instantly

When a VIP VM fails, recovery from backup must be instant

Boot VM from backup within a few seconds

Migrate VM to production for permanent recovery

Recover Files and Objects. In Seconds

Files, emails, SQL records, AD users get deleted or modified

Instantly find and recover files, as well as Exchange, SQL, and AD objects

Recovery is done from compressed and deduplicated backups

Recover from a Disaster. In Minutes

In a disaster situation (such as a power outage) the entire infrastructure takes a hit

VM replicas are identical copies of VMs, kept in powered off state

In case of a disaster, VM replicas can be powered on for near-instant recovery

If a VM is damaged, you can roll back to 30 replicated recovery points

Deliver BaaS and DRaaS. Easily Challenge:

Delivering Bass/DRaaS is complex and time-consuming


Create and manage multiple isolated tenants in a single product instance

Offload data protection and recovery tasks to tenants via self-service portal

Save Time. Save Money (ChallengeJ

Other backup solutions take up your time, and  can break the bank

Simple, intuitive, responsive Web interface

All features work out of the box without any extra setup

Per-socket licensing only for the source of backup/replication

Can save up to 50% on licensing and maintenance costs

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