Lantronix solutions

Lantronix IoT Energy Management Solutions remotely manage power and utility devices of all sorts.

Control Systems Remotely, Accurately, and Easily
Lantronix products provide remote access, control and troubleshooting – resulting in efficient data acquisition, control, reduced costs and even better customer service. Updates to power systems are made simple, and devices already in place can be networked using Lantronix servers to reduce system construction costs.

Reduce Costs and Save Resources
With Lantronix technology, costs related to power failures, human meter readings, inaccurate data collection and more are all drastically reduced if not virtually eliminated. Now you can control your entire system, read meters, and allocate power according to need from one central location.

Taking Advantage of an Existing City-Wide System with Lantronix
The city of Palo Alto, CA needed a more effective, efficient way to read meters than their current dial-up technology. However, they were dealing with an existing infrastructure with many requirements to work around. Together with Automated Meter and Lantronix technology, Palo Alto became able to fully utilize meters already in the field with a single reading process while potentially achieving an improved level of monitoring and service for its electric, water and gas utility customers.

Lantronix Industrial Networking Solutions Protect Equipment and Staff within Any Industrial Environment.

Connect Any and All Equipment Easily
With a Lantronix Industrial device server, you can quickly and reliably connect virtually any piece of factory equipment to a network or the Internet to interactively access, manage, control, evaluate and utilize data from the equipment.

Real Time Diagnostics and Repair
Lantronix’ powerful, yet simple-to-implement technology provides the ability to perform real-time remote diagnostics and repair, automate data capture, and generate immediate notification of problems. Imagine the ability to control, monitor and troubleshoot remote industrial equipment from virtually anywhere over an Internet connection!

Making Equipment More Reliable – Wirelessly
Spectrum CNC Technologies needed a wireless networking solution to more effectively manage equipment and eliminate extensive wiring throughout the production floor. By combining their proprietary software with Lantronix’ MatchPort, Spectrum developed a system that sets the standard for secure wireless networking of more than 250 CNC machines.